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Tradove - The First B2B Platform to Connect Business Partners With Network

In this day and age, social media is so popular among teenagers as well as adults. Who currently does not recognize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn names? Social media applications have one main purpose is to connect (connect). Like Facebook that connects you with your friends. Twitter is usually used by Idols to connect them with their fans, as well as Instagram. LinkedIn is used to connect you with Experts. Here we will introduce a blockchain-based project to you, capable of connecting business associates with their business network. The next generation platform will leverage blockchain and AI-based social networking technologies to further reduce the corporate sales and purchasing cycle.


Introduce Tradove

TraDove Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, the TraDove platform currently connects business partners with its business social network. The next generation platform will use blockchain-based social networking technology and AI to shorten the discovery cycle of buyers and sellers, improve B2B transparency, expand user confidence, and enable enterprise-to-enterprise precision advertising. In addition, BBCoin will provide better payment instruments for international trade.

Unlike consumer social networks like Facebook or professional networks like LinkedIn, TraDove is substantially more focused on traffic quality than the amount of traffic. They are not looking and also they need hundreds of millions of users. TraDove only takes tens of millions of users. The value of business users is much higher than for professional users, which in turn is higher than consumer users. Facebook pays $ 42 per consumer user for WhatsApp. Microsoft pays $ 60 per perprofessional users to LinkedIn. What is the value of TraDove business users? The answer is a lot! TraDove's emphasis on traffic quality and not just quantity makes Traindove operating costs low and increases the value of business users and Tradove profit margins.

Tradove Feature

There are some features that apply Tradove as follows:

  • Social Networking Technology
TraDove uses open and proprietary social networking technologies along with mechanisms for connections, networks and collaborations between businesses, products or services and companies.  
  • Large Data and Business Mapping
Since the launch of Traindove five years ago, TraDove has accumulated a large inventory of B2B data that includes people, products / services and companies. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
TraDove supports the active growth of our user and business database with AI technologies such as NLP, LR, RNN, FM and DNN to facilitate seller and buyer interactions including but not limited to matching potential business partners, product / service and company recommendations and declared need warning service.
  •  B2B Marketing Cloud 
TraDove has extensive storage networks worldwide and along with other content delivery technologies, can quickly upload, store and deliver B2B marketing guarantees such as white paper, product images, product videos and other web content to global users based on geographic distance. 

The purpose of Tradove
The main purpose of Tradove B2B 2.0 is to ensure and maintain credibility, both on and off the network. There are several ways to achieve it. The basic authentication of potential network members is at the first level. TraDove has developed a proprietary process to ensure prospective new members efficiently. Once logged in, democratic rankings such as those deployed by LinkedIn or Yelp retain the members credibility level. This activity is very important. This is a device that helps maintain the quality of TraDove's network perception.

How does it work?

What many people need today is a social network of businesses that connect buyers, sellers, and other companies to connect products or services and companies owned by Tradove.
Here's how you can work on the Tradove ecosystem:

  1. Shorten the search cycle and identify potential business partners in a credible way. 
  2. More time and B2B effort is more transparent and concise (with reference, support, etc.). 
  3. Is the company's precision-based advertising company via the internet. 
  4. Increase trust in B2B transactions and payments.


To develop this platform, we have created a token that will allow you to transact on the TraDove platform. We have created a token based on the ERC20 token standard named BBCoin on the Ethreum platform and will be issued to the Ethereum wallet.

We will issue as many as 1,000,000,000 BBCoin tokens. We will charge 0.16 USD at the time of listing and the price is 0.12 at pre-sale. The TraDove platform plans to sell as much as 36,000,000 USD during pre-sale and as much as 16,000,000 USD at the time of the main event with total token sold 400,000,000 BBCoin tokens. We have a hard-cap target of approximately 52,000,000 USD during the BBCoin bidding period. As for 100.000.000 tokens we will use as a bonus for the fastest participant who joined with TraDove.

Details of Token Sales

ICO Information

 Start in : 26-10-2017 | Ended in : 01-02-2018
Symbol BBCoin
Price 1 BBCoin = 0.16 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 52,000,000 USD

  Distribution token




Info Team


Kent J Yan - Business, Finance, and General Management
Matt Ciantar - Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Jian Zheng - Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development
Igor Gustincic - Sales and Business Development, Europe
George Cheng - Network, Security, Big Data and Cloud
Rick Roux - Web Marketing, User Acquisition
Jia Liu - Mobile Development
Albert Wang - User Experience and User Interface
Advisors & Investors Richard Rosenberg - Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America
Phil Duff - Former CFO of Morgan Stanley
Gerhard Schulmeyer - Former CEO of Siemens, Inc.
Gary Cowger - Former Group VP of General Motors
Gordon Kaufman - Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach - Former SVP, Deutsche Telekom
Mike Honda - Retired US Congressman
Mario Rosati - Name Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
Xiongwen Lu - Dean of School of Management, Fudan University, China

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