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COBINHOOD - currents of cryptocurrency at zero trade cost

  We may know in this age of sekrang share a kind of science and technology is growing rapidly and In recent months, the very popular warm crypto world has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms.When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major role.

COBINHOOD - exchange of cryptocurrency with zero trade costs As I explained above COBINHOOD is one of the latest innovations in the world of TRADING. In more detail COBINHOOD is the world's first "ZERO Trading Fees" cryptocurrency exchange with a vision to maximize traders' profits. Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage.

Of course this will be very profitable for us, maybe after so long we crave stocks at a cost of zero and now there. And of course you also do not have to worry if you want to deposit to this site because COBINHOOD keeps most of the crypto asset deposit in the offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo distributed hardware security modules to be opened. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in the online wallet will be supported by insurance.

COBINHOOD is a cryptographic service platform that provides ICC cryptocurrency and underwriting trades, aimed at solving existing problems in cardiac crypto exchange.
Furthermore, COBINHOOD aims to address the issue of tobacco liquidity.

Features Offered by COBINHOOD

  •     Cost ZERO Trading Cryptocurrency
Exchange COBINHOOD is the world's first cryptocurrency exchange with "ZERO Trading Feess" with a vision to maximize the traders' profits.
Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading costs for spot trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage.

  •     Guaranteed Crypto Asset Deposits
COBINHOOD keeps most of the crypto asset deposit in an offline multisig vault, requiring 5 of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open.
Furthermore, crypto assets stored in the online wallet will be supported by insurance.

  •     High Performance Performance Matching Engine
Matching COBINHOOD for matching engines can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency.
The entire system is designed to be fully distributed, highly available, and scalable automatically - achieving true real-time trading experience for traders around the world.

  •     ICO Underwriting Service
COBINHOOD positions itself as a global underwriter, authoritative ICO, namely Crypto Goldman Sach, provides ICO Due Diligence,
intelligent contract code review, and legal compliance review for ICO with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.

  •     Multiple FIAT Currencies Supported
One of the interesting features provided by COBINHOOD is that it will support all major currencies. USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD.
Of course this will make it easier for us to change our crypto directly to the currency we want.

  •  Fully Universal
COBINHOOD sites and applications will support 10 major languages, covering 98% of the world's population. Among them are English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic.



  ICO Due Diligence: focuses on high-quality and promising underwriting ICO.
 ICO Spark Program: helps well-known companies, successful startup companies, or leading  entrepreneurs integrate their products and services with blockchain technology.
 Solve liquidity problems: resolve low liquidity issues for ICO tokens in the secondary market.
 Trends in ICO Increase: Revolutionize the global investment ecosystem.


  •  Interest on Margin Trading Lending
  •  COBINHOOD Prime: services for higher leverage on margin trading, lower ticker latency, and higher API API limits on COBINHOOD exchanges.
  •  COBINHOOD High-Frequency Trading Server
  •  ICO COBINHOOD Underwriting Services
  •  COBINHOOD Financial Center


  • Starting date: September 13, 2017
  • ICO end date: October 22, 2017
  • Token name: COB TOKENs
  • Symbol: COB
  • Total supply: 1 billion COB mark
  • for ICO: 50% COB or 500M tokens
  • for COBINHOOD inc: 40% or 400M COBINHOOD token
  • Private Placement Amount: 10% COB tokens or 100 million
  • Currency received: ETH

COBINHOOD’s Token Price

For COBINHOOD, their ICO tokens (COB) is currently priced at 5000 COBs for 1 ETH. That is approximately $0.06 at current ETH price of $303.84 (as at the time of writing).
The final ICO price is 4000 COBs for 1 ETH, which is around $0.075.
COBINHOOD will support the following cryptocurrencies


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