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AMLT-Solution for financial system

   Today there are many platforms present in the middle of our lives that offer a variety of interesting and useful features. This is due to the rapid development of Blockchain technology.
Indeed this technology is very interesting and sophisticated, and not in deny this technology is the future for us. Implementing Decentralized Projects that are embraced by the intelligent contracting system is amazing that many projects are now using. the system gave birth to an ideal new crypto. Speaking of crypto, as we know it now we have not seen a new Crypto that comes up with a good idea AMLT Coin companies provide networks that build virtual currencies and blockchains that are transparent, will give you a solution for joining

let's see more clearly about this AMLT project

In the 21st century, create a digital payment system that is done to provide an efficient, transparent and decentralized payment platform and for the user to solve the risk problem. Digital or digital cash money will be a trending and general investment system for users who will solve user problems through payment-related networks as these users will be able to track their payments to avoid fraud and investment-related risks.

With the development of digital systems by users, the problems in it are also increasing as money laundering becomes a major issue of the digital cash system in a day. But the existing platform is not much efficient and incompetent to offer the security required of AML risk and virtual currency assets, entities and sources of risk that will automatically break down and attract investors. Therefore, to overcome the problem of mixing money and design AMLT based platform based on blockchain.

What is AMLT ?

AMLT is a token that will help users through their product offerings and also offers some rights to users associated with AML. AMLT is the initial token to be reviewed and guaranteed transparency and democratization of the financial system


Coin companies provide networks that build virtual currencies and blockchains that are transparent, democratic, efficient, and precise. The objective of a coin company is to provide an efficient and efficient Global Standard for the use of AML / CTF in a decentralized and democratic manner in which participants can provide AML / CTF / Fraud / business / risk assessments whether negative or positive. Not only does it provide transparency and democratization in a way that does not start, AMLT accompanying the AML / CTF Coin Platform works as a bridge to accommodate new business models and touch of blockchain and virtual currency.


As in the whitepaper, the competition is high when helping organizations that meet the AMLT / KYC standards. Chainanalysis, Elliptic, Scorechain are indeed a handful of companies that are in this industry. But as AMLT says, this is superior to all of these things but there are many obstacles like this.

AMLT is using the AML / CTF Coinfirm Platform to offer users a safe, secure, and appropriate way of money that will reduce the risk of money laundering. AMLT will assist current, financial institutions, payment processors, and all players in the financial system through transfers.

AMLT will allow platform members to provide information, which will help them to determine the potential risks for entities and opponents by utilizing the virtual currency. AMLT will help users to increase their revenue and guarantee them.

Info Token

The AMLT platform will support a wide range of cryptography such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 / ERC223. The exchange rate of 1 AMLT is 0.1 USD. ICO AMLT starting from December 12, 2017 and ending on January 30, 2018.

Sales Token: 
Sales Token: 210.000.000 Available in large quantities
Data rewards package for network members: 120,000,000 distributed monthly through a smart contract
Founder Team: 10% With lockup period
Advisor: 2%
Rewards for reference: 1%
Dev team and bonus: 4% With lockout time
Charity: 0.50%
Total Token to be in result in smart format: 400000000

Info Team

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