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AMLT-Platform Providing Paid Product Solutions Into Confirm Networks


AMLT stands for Anti Money Laundering. This is a regulatory compliance form that specializes in Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (KKP) for Blockchain and virtual currency that has become a big blockade to be implemented in larger formats. The company tagline says a "Compliance Token" that makes sense by providing greater opportunities by carrying a greater risk. Because there is nothing to be gained without risk.

MLT is a token for prepaid products and access rights to AML / CTF Coinfirm network that is already vibrant.

Network members receive AMLTs to provide assessments and information on specific addresses - these are the fuels that make the system democratic and contrary to arbitrary circumstances.

This enables compliance and transparency in all transaction situations, helping the entire ecosystem become safer and connected to the global economy.

AMLT builds a secure and democratic network that provides transparency to the world of cryptocurrency, aiding the complaint with a number of regulatory requirements.

The virtual currency market is worth more than 100 Billion USD has a problem with access to the mass commercial market and traditional banking and struggle with regulatory compliance. As demonstrated by study and industry leaders, effectively addressing Regulatory Compliance and especially Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism (AML / KKP) for the blockchain and virtual currency has been a major obstacle and loss of relationships with traditional commercial and financial sectors and the whole . mass adoption

Effective and efficient AML / KYC affected ecosystems for blocking transactions:

  1. Companies that receive virtual money
  2. Banks and Financial Institutions
  3. Business Intelligence Company 
  4. Smart Contract
  5. New ICO
  6. New Market Participants
  7. Individual globall


1. All transactions made to the public or blocked blockchains may be shared between users, banks, companies and other financial institutions. This ensures a secure and accessible ledger.

2. The inability of data can be ascertained because the technology used is blockchain. This technically means the data can not be changed, so it can be fully audited.

3. AMLT ensures privacy and data protection. This gives limited access to blockchain information. Because it is only available to those who are allowed to access the recordings.

4. Coinfirm has developed an advanced set of tools, including crawlers, scrapers and internal departments of expert data researchers and analysts to further refine the data collected on blockchain.

AMLT is a cryptocurrency for the AML / CTF Coinfirm platform. This platform is different because it provides identity verification services to the company economically and conveniently. AMLT coins, on the other hand, give companies the benefit of discounts to companies when accessing verification services on the CoL / AMF / CTF Coinfirm platform. AMLT provides access to a safe and transparent blockchain economy. Thus, protecting us, our partners and clients from potential risks and enabling commercial adoption and growth. AMLT is the primary link in Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security - to protect themselves, their customers and grow by solving one of the biggest Blockchain needs - effective compliance and AML procedures. The company will soon go beyond other platforms because of its distinguishing features.


The versatile AMLT environment. The acceptance for virtual currency has been lost so far in recent years and is also increasing day by day. Because banks are not quite ready to provide services related to doing business through cardiac crypto. But anyone can invest on this business by formally paying a government fee. Many leading bitcoin retailers process payment by accepting 11 virtual currencies from around the world such as Switzerland, Amsterdam, etc.


All markets are at risk when forbidden activity is left uncontrolled. Coinfirm noted in their whitepapers that traditional AML enforcement failed 99.9% of the time and less than 1% of global illicit financial flows were confiscated and canceled. Prevention and control mechanisms are essential for companies that want to make sure that they are not consciously or unconsciously exposed, partying, or facilitating such high-risk transfers or counterparties.However, blockchain technology enables democratic participation and provides an opportunity for everyone to provide input and participation. Thus, it is possible to be more accurate, effective, and less arbitrary than traditional systems. Therefore, not only allows more transparency and efficiency but also opens the financial markets to more participants and promotes real financial inclusion.Coinfirm's mission is to provide an efficient and effective global standard for AML / CTF compliance in a decentralized and democratic manner in which participants can rank AML / KKP / Fraud / business / risk (see example Risk Report below):


In addition, Coinfirm expects that their AML / CTF platform serves as a bridge to accommodate new business models and adopt the blockchain and virtual currency.

 The goal is Coinfirm is to provide an efficient and effective Global Standard for decentralized and democratic AML / CTF compliance whereby participants can provide both negative and positive risk assessments. Not only does it provide unprecedented transparency and democratization of the financial system, AMLT embedded in AML / CTF Coinfirm Platform serves as a bridge to accommodate new business models and adopt the blockchain and virtual currency. Confirmation also provides a risk report to provide insight into a transaction so that it can reduce risk.Efficient and TransparentIn service in this genuine living loophole requires a similar principle of demand such as banks and other financial institutions. On the other hand we consider that in contrast to ecosystem ecosystems, they may be able to provide input and contribution. So, thanks for that it's probably more effective and less chance than conventional systems. As a result, it not only allows extra transparency and efficiency, but also opens financial markets to new contributors and encourages true financial insertion.


The Coinfirm AML / CTF Platform uses more than 200 proprietary algorithms and large data analysis to provide structured data that can improve efficiency, reduce costs and smooth compliance with strict automation. Data were collected from various obstacles and added data from the following Coinfirm ecosystem actors:Clients, Partners and Authorities - Blockchain transaction data on external platforms and services is provided automatically (via API) or packages by clients and partners such as virtual currency exchange and business intelligence. Such models enable unparalleled transparency and Coinfirm has an ultra-effective service for Coinfirm clients and the development of semi-automated products and services along with the expansion of cooperating entities.Platform Users - This platform was developed with the aim of creating interactions within the ecosystem and giving users incentives to be part of the ecosystem and providing information and evidence on suspicious barriers and addresses of transactions. Example: companies in Somalia (high risk) trade with established entities in Europe and pay virtual currency. With long notes on trade and legitimate assessments conducted where there is no political risk exposure, European entities can assess and add data into the network reflecting the legitimacy and stability of the Somali entity.


The AMLT platform will support a wide range of cryptography such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 / ERC223. The exchange rate of 1 AMLT is 0.1 USD. ICO AMLT starting from December 12, 2017 and ending on January 30, 2018.

Sales Token: 

Sales Token: 210.000.000 
Available in large quantities
Data rewards package for network members: 120,000,000 distributed monthly through a smart contract
Founder Team: 10% With lockup period
Advisor: 2%
Rewards for reference: 1%
Dev team and bonus: 4% With lockout time
Charity: 0.50%
Total Token to be in result in smart format: 400000000

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