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Napoleonx -Crypto first asset with blockchain technology

Ately blockchain technology has allowed the opportunity to invest One of the latest investment trends is Napoleonx, may be your choice to invest. Napoleonx ICO is ongoing and you still have a chance of success with Napoleonx.

Every crypto investor will have the opportunity to participate in the NaPoleonX project through ICO to be launched on December 4, 2017 in the Ethereal blockchain. The Green List is available at which allows a person to secure his / her participation in the project and get a 30% bonus from the issue price of the NPX token.

NaPoleonX will launch its ICO by issuing NPX tokens and aims to collect 40 000 ETHs to be marketed by Napoleon Crypto SAS, to:
Get or lease the asset management license needed to launch DAFs
Develop platforms:

1.  Publish indexes based on the proposed strategy for performance monitoring.
 2. for holders of NPX tokens to gain access to DAFs trading signals.
3. for NPX token holders to manage their personal accounts (including DAF tokens collected as Botons payments) and vote on collective decisions, 
4. for future DAF customers to manage their asset portfolio, 
5. for DAFs to manage ICO and SCO successively o Promote NPX token, Promote DAFs creation and show,Financing R & D to make trading bots perform better
ICO will be declared successful in terms of the minimum number of 25,000 ETH increases. 


Project Napolenx

The NaPoleonX project has been launched because we believe that we should contribute to the realization of real assets.

NaPoleonX will be the first 100% crypto asset manager. The project was established by ex-multibillions asset managers in Tier 1 banks, which have been designing, manufacturing and trading trade bots for the past 15 years. SmartContract NaPoleonX will be used by Napoleon Crypto SAS, a French company.

The NaPoleonX Company will arrange or profit from intellectual property on trading bots for the first 10 DAFs proposed in the project. This intellectual property will be shared with NPX token holders in accordance with the two modalities: the diffusion of trade signals applied by DAF and revenue sharing on the rental rate of bots DAFs Napoleon Crypto SAS or wholly owned subsidiaries will apply for an asset management license in the EU country immediately after ICO finished built. On this stage, France and Luxembourg are really considered potential candidates because both Stéphane Ifrah and Jean-Charles Dudek have managed French and Luxembourg funds during previous work at BNP Paribas Asset Management and Natixis Asset Management. To date, more than 20 trading outlets are available. A first batch of 10 DAF will be launched under predetermined conditions and only on the basis of the intellectual property of Napoleon Crypto. Thereafter, negotiations will be made between the NPX token holders, Napoleon Crypto and potential external strategy providers for each new DAF.

To trade a crypto asset is very easy because it can harness the full power of a smart contract with a completely smooth structure within the crypto environment. But we believe that limiting investments in these assets will only be a mistake,
for the following reasons:
  1. Diversification: Portfolio management is intrinsically dependent on diversification. Making lots of DAFs will offer this possibility.
  2. Value Transfer: With an efficient trading strategy, many values can be confiscated from the real world and transfer back to the crypto ecosystem. Such transfer points will support the growth of the crypto world and accelerate its journey toward public acceptance (godly cycle).
  3. Volume of Events: with recent market capitalization records, BTC and ETH are still a fraction of the largest asset markets (equity, fixed income). Providing the possibility to invest in tangible assets will enable the management of funds in larger quantities from day to day rather than simply switching altcoin and bitcoin. 
Rules and laws to launch and perform DAFs and then propose the first DAF.
Napoleon Crypto SAS already has more than 20 tactics that allow the rapid creation of 10
DAFs, as more detailed in Blackpaper.
For DAF, the variables are as follows:
  1. • Tactics Provider: Napoleon Crypto SAS
  2. • Underlying Asset: depending on tactics (cf Blackpaper for more information)
  3. • Currency: ETH, but cf Blackpaper for more information
  4. • Min Size: 20 000 ETH
  5. • Max Size: 250 000 ETH
  6. • Redemption Threshold: 75% DAF token
  7. • Consumption of Botons: 25% of Performance
  8. • SCO Day: the last day of each month, every 6 months after Launch Day.


Token distribution breakdown
Coin distribution
50,000,000 total NPX token supply

  • 70%

  • 15%

  • 13%

  • 2%


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