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VinChain project - a database in which the history of the operation of cars is stored


Information and communication technology is currently very rapid development including the Internet. With the Internet all things can be done whether it is searching for data, storing data in the server, or sending data to the world without any obstacles at all. Currently a variety of applications that can be accessed with the internet Whether it's social media, applications for companies, businesses, and others.

And even in the next few years is expected to increase global population growth, massive digital lifestyle adoption, and ever-growing recording and information capabilities drive growth Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular all over the world The new technology in artificial intelligence brings us into a big change in the information and transportation field will inform industry ideas and make it easy for everyone because blockchain and token technologies provide breakthroughs in designing long-term investment networks and can benefit as they can impact which is positive a decentralized blockchain Technology system, serving and strengthening democratization of knowledge growth, and access to digital resources of the world.

there is now a recent innovation from VinChain project for changes in investment technology such as buying and selling cars in general

Ok let's take a deeper look at this VinChain project


VinChain is a blockchain database that records all information related to the vehicle. For each vehicle, information accumulates during the entire period of use. This history is transparent and easily accessible to everyone. To protect the accuracy of information, distributed storage technology is used. It ensures absolute reliability and data security.
Every day hundreds of thousands of used cars are sold in the world, and
every buyer wants to get reliable information about the technical condition of the car. This is an important security, financial, and security issue.
Unfortunately there is no single car database. There is a commercial base, but it does not solve this problem. Their information is stored centrally and there is an incorrect risk. The commercial base is closed and does not exchange information among themselves. As a result, car buyers risk resigning and losing money.
benefits of vinchain

vinchain is a platform created to solve problems in the vehicle trading market, with blockchain vinchain-based platforms acting as a provider of accumulated information for every vehicle trade, vinchain seeks to break barriers that often occur in the world of vehicle trading, information is transparent and easily accessible to everyone. with reliable accuracy, vinchain also provides a sense of security about privacy data, financial data, is kept very secret

VINCHAIN Services you should know:
VinChain - a databese of every transaction and trading information on the vehicle market, information accumulated during use. transparent transactions and easily accessible to everyone.

VINChain Solution
no intermediary Only you and the data provider.
run a reliable transaction - Secured by blockchain

Distribution of Tokens and Funding


Major problems in car industry

1. All of the information about a vehicle can be faked - things like odometer mileage, accident history, how many owners the car had, vehicle usage history, and other important information

2. If you are buying a car, you can lose money because you don’t know if the car has any unknown problems

3. As the seller, you make less money because the buyer cannot know the true condition of the car with certainty

4. Existing databases are closed off and do not share information with others

5. Information is out-of-date, unreliable, and not updated frequently

Token sale

Role Token: Enable data trading between data owner and buyer
Symbol: VIN
Supply: 1,000,000,000 VIN
Sale: 600,000,000 VIN
Emission Level: No new token will be created
Price: 1 VIN = 5 cents
Currency received: ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, WAVES, USD, EURO
Sales Period: March 22, 2018 14:00 UTC to 15 April 2018 14:00
Token distribution date: April 17 — April 29, 2018
Minimum goal: $ 5,000,000
Maximum goal: $ 34.5 million

 1% of funds raised during ICO will be distributed in the Bounty Program.

  • 35% - Signature campaign
  • 25% - Facebook, Medium, Twitter campaign
  • 20% - Media (Steemit, Golos, Medium, Youtube, Blogs and etc.)
  • 10% - Translation and Moderation
  • 10% - Telegram


Info Team 


More Info

Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2349188
Website : https://vinchain.io/

Facebook : https://facebook.com/vinchainio 

Twitter : https://twitter.com/VINChain_io 

Telegram : https://t.me/vinchainio 
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