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bitJob Student Marketplace

bitJob Student Marketplace

The current project may be quite different and interesting I will discuss about a Student Market that is A project which is very useful to follow and note but we must know more deeply what's in this project all to make it clearer let's look deeper

What is bitjob ..?
BitJob is an ambitious and social project
Based on bitJob Blockchain technology. This is a vast market for job search. Can Rebuild Student Freedom To seek life.Students will connect with professionals who provide online jobs without spending time at school. This is a small casual work.The founder of the project said that the main problems that hinder students are lack of money and have no work experience when they graduate.bitjob is also a good solution for all Students will find it hard to get a job because the owner of the company is looking for workers who have a lot of experience.

Benefits of bitjob
1: to have a steady income in a fast and stable time
2: students can do a good resume
3: facilitate transactions
4: Students may choose to pay via STU or PayPal token
5: educate students to understand advanced technology in the future.
6: and introduce students in the world of Blockchain

Advantages in bitjob projec
1: Ensure a strong security level
2: bitjob transparency and openness at all stages of the transaction
3: Decentralized Platforms
4: Semi smart smart contract platform in Blockchain Ethereum;
5: BitJob has strong Identity Authentication, Verification, Voting, Reputation and micro transactions for Payment distribution

Project Roadmap

Bitjob team
1: Dror Medalion CEO & Co-Founder
2: Bogdan Fiedur CTO & Co-Founder
3: Aviad Gindi CFO & Co-Founder
4: Elad Kofman CMO & Co-Founder
5: Anton Livaja Lead Full stack Developer
6: Micha Roon Ethereum Developer
7: Alex Oberhauser Alex Oberhauser
8: Lior Zysman, Lawyer Lior Zysman, Lawyer
9: Leonard Jackson Global Operations Manager
10: Suraj Tekwani South-Asia Region Manager
11: Minho Kang Korean Region Manager
12: Khaya Maloney Africa Region Manager
13: Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen Full stack Web Designer
14: Max Aigner Blockchain Developer
15: Patrick Mockridge Recruitment Strategist
16: Yoel Lapscher bitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer
17: David Mirynech bitJob Ambassador & Blockchain consultant

 Student Coin (STU) CrowdSale

Bitjob Powered by Cryptography economics. Will perform token sales at a specified time
There may be able to take advantage of this opportunity to join in this project (STU)
Do not miss it because this is a very good opportunity
By participating in the Crowdfund Campaign planned for September 2017. 

 More info
Website: Whitepaper: Bounty: Twitter: BitJob MarketPlace Facebook: BitJob MarketPlace
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