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HashRush Game

HashRush Game 

HashRush -The First Hash-Powered Online Game
for the first time I see there is a very interesting project
may be slightly different from the current project that hashRush a project which incorporates blockchain technology in a unique game game you can play cryptic games like ethereum and other crypto currencies but it can also entertain you with as many cool adventures as possible nothing in the game other than in hashRush there are many strategies that you can enjoy into a game that transforms cryptocoins mining into a unique web-based game based on real-time strategy which makes cryptocurrency mining fun and exciting in a different world
HashRush is a game that is easy to understand for all beginners is very easy to play where the game is started with a futuristic solar system called Hermeian Solar System the subject area of ​​this game and crypto that will be the main source you can get in the hash power.all the players who join in it can get the cryptocurrencies, players can freely explore the map and build their colony.in this hashRush game there are 3 factions of display, plot, very interesting story there are some important key roles in this game
1: Miners who mine Crypto crystals,
2: Mining engineers who supervise the miners and make sure they work efficiently
3: Explorers Exploring the new territory of Crypto Crystal

Benefits of HashRush
1: can entertain you
2: game based blockchain
3: Cryptocurrency mining becomes an interesting web game
4: all players can build a colony of their own mining by using RUSH COINS (RC)
5: get in-game bonuses and earn profits
6: for micro game transactions
HashRush Team
1: Kristaps Vaivods Engineering
2: Maris Ziedonis Engineering
3: Adrian Bugnar Developement
4: Rafal Nowocien Developement
5: Horea Trinca Developement
6: Christie Christian Developement
7: Razvan Suciu Developement
8: Radu Corbu Developement
9: Kaan Dagkilic Art and Front
10: Dendy Dhamier Art and Front
11: Jefferson Davis Smart Contract Developement

HashRush token Sale
HashRush may now be the project that many investors have noticed
to benefit now is your chance to be
Participation in this exciting game But with all that, we also need the participation of the crypto community
Token Name: Rush Coin [RC]
Pre-sale Token: August 16, 2017 [CET] - September 1, 2017 [CET]
Maximum Pre-sale: 50 ETH / 5 BTC / 1000 ETC
Token Sale: September 13, 2017 - October 13, 2017
Sales Rate: 1 ETH = 1000 RC
Max Sales Token: 64.050.000 RC Token
Purchase Method: BTC, ETH, ETC
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Token Distribution: RC Token will be distributed on December 1, 2017

Bounty Distribution of Tokens
1 : 50'000 Rush Coins will be allocated to the Facebook campaign
2 : 50'000 Rush Coins are allocated to the Twitter campaign
3 : 100'000 RC to BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign
4 : 100'000 RC to BitcoinTalk Translation Campaign
5 : 200'000 Rush Coins are allocated to the Blogging Campaign
More Info

Whitepaper : whitepaper hashrush

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