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Indorse: Decentralized Professional Social Network

 Indorse: Decentralized Professional Social Network

Successful greetings for friends and all the bitcoiner around the world more precisely the pengemar world cryto Maybe this time I will explain a little about Indorse: Decentralized Professional Social Network
Unlike traditional platforms in general, Indorse aims to restore ownership of data to users, and allows
They benefit from sharing their expertise and activities on the Indorse platform.
Indorse is more towards Social Networking systems that want to change the world of cryto with the way of professional social networking Using an Indorse Rewards system and a reputation system (Indorse Score) Providing incentives to members To add their skills / achievements and support others.Indorse also aims to participate in the competition by offering its own digital assets for users to be saved and Developed in the long run for a better future of the Social Network
EXCESS from Indorse: Decentralized Professional Social Network:
1: sophisticated Ethereal that keeps your digitl assets safe in them
2: Gain an Indorse Rewards and Indorse Score system to the user for his or her competence and  achievement of others
3: is a social network based on Ethereum technology,
Indorse: Decentralized Professional Social Networks can be called as a new revolution in the network
And also The only platform operating in Ethereal. That there is no cost that will prevent users to use the platform and join the Indorse

The Indorse platform has 5 stages:
1 : The first set of outbound requests
2 : If the minimum threshold is not met, the second set of requests is exhausted
3 : The registration period for the indorser
4 : Actual cancellation begins.
5 : Calculate the consensus threshold and issue the results
Token Sale - IND
Indorse do seller in the time already set and is running live.
You can participate in this Indorse project do not miss this moment because it is possible that Indorse token sales will not be long And if the token penjulan not successful then the funds you spend will be returned according to the amount of ETH that you buy To participate you must use wallet / wallet ethereum that support smart token at
Info token indorse sale here
For the bounty program, Indorse has reserved 300,000 of total issued tokens in the upcoming token creation event.Join the bounty program, help build the Indorse community & get a nice share of Indorse tokens.
Distribution of Rewards.
 1: Bitcointalk Signatures (Up to 20% of the Bounty Pool - 60,000 IND)
 2: Translations & Topic Thread campaign (Up to 15% of the Bounty Pool - 45,000 IND)
 3:  Blog Posts, Articles, and Videos (Up to 20% of the Bounty Pool - 60,000 IND)
 4: Social networks campaign (10% of the Bounty Pool – 30,000 IND)
 5: Miscellaneous Bounty Pool (Up to 35% of the Bounty Pool – 105,000 IND)

Slack Invite:
TELEGRAM : tg://join?invite=DntESQ1WIyI2CYqgA3b3zw
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