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Platform ATLANT Blockchain Real Estate World

Platform ATLANT Blockchain Real Estate World

In the world of cryto may already be familiar to you a blochain project or can be called also ICO
Which at the very thing understood by people who play in marketing a project that will be held
But this time I will explain about atlant project developed by Blockchain Real Estate World Platform Perhaps this one project is more directed to economic development in the form of property and ownership transfer property Which may help economic growth and human beings we can predict then Real Estate will be higher After the development of an increasingly advanced and modern world therefore this project is interesting enough for your attention
The ATLANT platform is now developed as an open source framework with respect to both P2P network rentals and asset tokenized assets, Which continue to operate and trade on the etereum network, independent of platform contributors. ATLANT provides a clean UI, Utilizing the EVM contract under the hood. In addition, the token platform (ATL) will be traded. Centralized digital asset exchange as well. Based on Atlant blockchain technology using cryptofinancing (Initial Coin Offering) for capital growth, not the traditional venture capital And shareholders. We believe blockchain has the potential to help accelerate the adoption of the Joint Economy.
1: To help the economy in the right business property investment bidar
2: can build a circle of people who Real Estate in mebangun open market
3: Can help further developments to improve the efficiency of real estate globally.
1: The ease of investing
2: get more commissions
3: Rules are written in contract and must be obeyed
4: Can install free encyclopedia
5: Can guarantee ownership of assets
6: The cost offered is low
7: Provisions for settlement of transactions that can not be changed.
7: to earn extra income from property marketing
8: the growth of business capital becomes better

1: Julian Svirsky
2: Neil Mohinani
3: Denis Donin
4: Alex Taylor
5: Pavel Foos
6: Eugene Seregin
7: Sergey Kashich
8: Erik Bitner
Advisers team
1: Natalia Tischendorf
2: Gregory Thain
3: Wilhelm Beller
4: Dr. Joseph Wang
 About Bounty campaign token
Signature and avatar campaign bounty:
13 787 000 ATL
Translation and community management campaign bounty:
2 757 000 ATL
Blog bounty:
1 104 000 ATL
Facebook bounty:
551 000 ATL
Twitter bounty:
551 000 ATL

Token sale
Atlant will start the sale within the time suda in specify maybe you can
Join to take part in this project This moment is very precise
For you Here are details of token sales through pre-sales and ICO:
Token atlant sale is ongoing live
Pre - Sales
The start date of ATLANT PRA-SALE is August 1, 2017
The exchange rate for PRA-SALE: 1 ETH = 1010 ATL
Total ATL Token: 5,625,000
More info

 Info bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2053308.0 
 Offical website: https: //atlant.io/
 Slack: http://goo.gl/ksnlny
 Twitter: https: // twitter.com / atlantio
 Facebook: https://facebook.com/atlantplatform/
 Blog: https://medium.com/@atlantio
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