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Snovio - The lead generation service is decentralized

Snovio - The lead generation service is decentralized

    In a time that mederan with sophisticated technology this sekrang already present a a very interesting project for you to notice as it may be very good for life in the era of blockchin technology especially in the field of investment snovio will answer all that but for deeper let's see what a snovio is

What is a snovio..?

snovio is a decentralization-related platform for primary sources and generations snovio can also be called a platform project that builds economic growth in the field of investment with blockchin technology has a tremendous impact on business development snovio as well as Data contributors are provided with unique models for a fair income distribution from sales data through a transparent and audited economy. The idea of ​​decentralization, located within Snovio's body,solved. Problems faced with traditional generation lead methods platform before. The logic behind the Snovio platform is to attract thousands of people around the world, then gathering information into valuable data within a well-developed system with full security support snovio is also held by experts in the field of existing business knowledge and experience A snovio destination Snovio aims to be the source and the main generation. Regarding how to work technically snovio computer with the right tools can be a source of data and by using blockchain technology to be implemented for major generation platforms snovio conveys text-based information and other information but if you want to know more about this project you please go to

 Advantages of snovio

  1. your investment can join to get Snovio token
  2. maintain data security
  3. advances in blockchain technology
  4. economic growth that can benefit the environment
  5. Contributors reward those of you who join


Snovio Team

  •  Alexis Kratko, CEO
  •  lexander Zhadko, PM, web developer
  •  Rodion Yaremenko, CTO, web developer
  •  Lera Borsch, Marketing assistant
  •  Yuri Gatchenko, Web developer
  •  Yuri Arendar, Web developer
  •  Julia Zubok, Marketing and customer care
  •  Mila Postol, Marketing
  •  Daria Shevcenko, CMO
  •  Roman Fisenko, Web Designer
  •  Paul Shuteyev, Marketing Ninja
  •  Natalie Valerieva, Digital Marketing Expert
  •  Alexey Girin, Advisors
  •  Kairat Kaliyev, Advisors
  •  Alexander Borodich, Advisors

 Snovio Token Crowdsale

Snovio  starts the token sale at this set time is your chance to join in this excellent project to make a profit. 15% bonus on the first day of ICO; In other words, when buying 1000 tokens on the first day, You will receive 1150 total tokens, and so on.
  • Bonus 5% during first week
  • Token name: Snovio
  • Token symbol: SNOV
  • Token base: Ethereum - ERC20
  • Token supply: 2.5 billion SNOV (locked)
  • Crowdsale start: September 19, 2017 14:00 GMT + 3
  • Crowdsale end: in 30 from start
  • Escrow: Starta Accelerator (New York)
  • Crowdsale target: $ 15 million.

More info

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