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TioTourGuides Travel Guide

   As the progress of science and technology blockchain is growing very rapidly in your life to the point that the world's messengers are probably most aware of it and so deeply the business world is a company that promotes their projects through advertising and so on now tour company tour guides do not want to lose they launch a project that offers tour tour services by developing blockcahin technology to provide convenience to every tourists who want to travel to a certain place or country TioTourGuides Social Network platform for Tour and Tour operational transactions,where they or their users can use this payment gateway to offer tourist tour programs to tourists who plans to tour in this project seeks to collect tourist information by combining the company
existing tourism in the world to be able to use this platform to pay or gain access to services Certainly the first crypto-based currencies be part of tour and tour guide

in this project there are people who are experienced in the field of business is not in doubt for success Craig is a former CEO of UBAsia, LEAPsmart Global and Edulabs Global Inc., in partnership with Epals, MicroSoft and Buzz Technologies. A former Guinness Book Record Holder for the creator of Largest Book on the Planet. Craig has been in front of Internet Technology for the past 40 years.

tourism tour first developed very quickly in China, Thailand Hong Kong Russia and Brazil around in 2012 there are many tourists visiting countries to reach billions of tourists around the world TioTourGuides will promote business not only in tourism tours as well as in the investment economy if you want to know more deeply about this project just go to


Ourist Destination TioTourGuides

1: promote the world of tourism by introducing various foreign and domestic travel products
2: introduces blockcahin based travel technology
3: provides convenience for travel payments with TIO tokens,
4: Can buy tickets onlen
5: to gain profit

To give ease of access to the web Tio Creating Social Networks with Mobile Applications, and digital currencies so that the tour operation any company in the world can easily connect with fellow tour companies and provide information about tourism.


Tio Team

1: Hannah Krall, CEO / FOUNDER
2: Tawan Soupadee, Managing Director
3: Thaneet Ontorn, Chief Financial Officer
4: Mario Kay, Lead Developer
5: Sigi Nahstatt, Director Of Digital Marketing
6: Silver Martins, Marketing Manager
7: Jerald Nathan, Project Manager
8: Craig Hovendove, the former CEO of UBAsia
TioTourGuides token platform has introduced an exciting project
this may be an opportunity for you to gain support by joining ICO
sales of token that have been specified will start on August 29 and last on 25 september

Tio Token Sale

  • Price: 1 Tio = USD $ 0.077 or 1 ETH = 4,025 Tio
  • Total Quantity for Final Batch = 2,340,000
  • Total supply of Tio is 17,100,000 tokens
  • Total amount for bounty = 3,400,000 Tio
  • Total amount for bounty participation to date (Aug 21) = Less than 50,000 Tio


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