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Anryze-Distributed Computing Network technology for voice recognition

    along with the advancement of the times and the development of technology Currently not in the deny again the use of technology Blokchain growing and has been thoroughly in use around the world. This is the reason why crypto is so popular today. Start many projects using Blockchain technology to use crypto as its project payment tool. But do you know about Anryze..?
Anyryze is often connected to a distributed network. Before getting to know Anryze maybe you should know first about distributed network. Distributed Network is a globally distributed computer for Natural Language Processing. We help people to write their voice communications into text with 1 click while providing simple and inexpensive solutions for speech recognition. Anryze gives a new nuance in speech recognition technology because it presents Blockchain technology in developing their projects. You may be curious how Anryze works and what are the advantages of anryze products for us. And that is not less interesting for those of you who like to invest in ICO event, Anryze Will hold event Crowdsale token ANRYZE. Hope this can be one of your choices in choosing a good investment.

What is Anryze..?

Anryze is one Blockchain-based project where peer-to-peer distributed computing networks for voice recognition and neural network education allow users to write audio files without relying on third-party providers such as Google or Amazon. speech is a complex phenomenon. People rarely understand how it works and feel. Naive perceptions are often made in words, and every word is made up of the phone. The reality is unfortunately very different. Speech is a dynamic process with no distinctly differentiated parts. It's always useful to get a sound editor and view speech recordings and listen to them.

Descriptions of speech at some level are probabilistic. That means there is no limit between units, or between words. the language for text translation is never 100% correct. The idea is somewhat unusual for software developers, who usually work with a deterministic system. Therefore, it creates many problems that are specific to speech technology. When speech recognition is being developed, the most complicated problem is to do a proper search (considering many variants fit as much as possible) and make it fast enough to not run for a very long time. There is also a problem with making the model according to the utterance because the model is not perfect. Central control retrieval will reduce most of the traditional data failures and provide the highest accuracy of speech transcription because of the education of artificial neural networks through a distributed system.

 Technology Anryze

When developing the Anryze STT, they apply the following technologies and solutions. Here are some of them:
  •  Wavelet transform 
- allows to improve recognition by reducing data loss.
  •  Recognition using fractal code descriptors 
- reconstructing a signal of any sampling frequency.
  •  Multi-Objective Learning for the Development of Neural Network Based Talk Devices
 - is responsible for building an expanded speech signal.
  • Invariant Representation 
- improves the stability of acoustic variability.
  • The Highway Connection in Convolutional Recurrent Deep Neural Networks 
-is an extension of the CLDNN model by integrating connections that provide direct information flow from the lower layer cells to the top layer cells.
  • Recognition with the use of distributed capacity 
- allows to reduce equipment costs and gain resistance to load changes.
  •  An acoustic model based on long-term short memory 
- is a recurrent neural network architecture that has been designed to overcome the missing and explosive gradient problem of conventional RNN.


Anryz is a Blockchain-based project that uses smart contracting systems to develop the Anryze distributed network project. This allows Anryze to create new ethereal-based crypts symbolized by the name RYZ. Having a RYZ token will be of great benefit to you either in terms of using the Anryze service or for trading in the market. The total supply of TOKEN RYZ made is 353.3 million RYZ.
As for the token RYZ will be allocated in the following way:

  1. Token For Miner 70%
  2. Token holder 20%
  3. Anryze 10%

Token Sale.

A custom token (RYZ) will be created in the Wave Platform for crowdfunding.
  1.     Min. cap: 100 million RYZ (1.6 million USD)
  2.     Max. cap: 321 million RYZ (6 million USD)
  3.     The initial rate will be 1 USD = 50 RYZ 

And the interesting thing you need to know is that this time the ICO event is underway and Anryze has reached the soft cap by earning $ 1,625,698 USD with 752 contributors joining in it,
In indicating that many people have been interested in Anryze. How about you ? You no longer need to hesitate to invest here because softcap has been achieved.

                                              JOIN NOW ANRYZE




  •     Anton Gera -Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO at Anryze
  •     Oleg Zaychuk- Dev-ops/system architect
  •     Oleg Fedosenko-Machine learning and AI development
  •     Max Kudymets-Project Manager
  •     Alex Pogrebenniy-Back-end developer
  •     Oleksii Leontiev-PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Tokyo
  •     Sergey Levashkin-PhD in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
  •     Anton Karpenko-Back-end developer
  •     Mike Ezhov-Founder, entrepreneur, CMO at Anryze


  •     Kseniia Raietska-Adviser, Ambisafe Services
  •     Serge Milman-Adviser, Dellwood Capital Hedge fund
  •     Philippe Chevry-CTO at Nash

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