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Change Bank-A new change in the world of banks

In this advanced age there are many changes that all activities can now do just with an interesting application of a Change program the world seems to be under a semart phone application can be used anywhere anytime you want about the project change I will explain in more detail.

What is CHANGE ...?

Change is a new financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions. It was created for young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected by the way banks operate. The clean and minimal Change logo appearance is designed to fit our vision.
The broken circle represents Change - the ability to "break the circle" and control it.

Change was established in early 2016 in Singapore, one of the largest financial centers in Asia. Shortly thereafter, angel investors supported the proposition with an investment of over USD 200,000,
and FinTech startups in the region joined the group. In 2018, Change is set to launch the first global FinTech market in blockchain.


In recent years, technology has affected several industries. Companies like Uber, AirBnB,
and Netflix have been the pioneers of change and disruption, reconsidering the transport, accommodation and
entertainment sectors with new and creative business models.
The banking industry, on the other hand, has not seen much of customer innovation and
finance still in control of a handful of established players operating in a very traditional way.

However, as technology advances, innovation has quickly filled the financial gap - linking finance and technology (FinTech)
to deliver propositions that better suit the needs and wants of society.
Some examples of what's called FinTech include: Transferwise, Betterment, Oscar, Lufax, ZhongAn etc.
The future bank not only accepts payments in crypto currency but also has a fully integrated FinTech market.


1. Service Globally - Change you can use anywhere, this service will be easy to use globally.
2. Broad Network - FinTech's promising corporate network worldwide, consistently  outperforming       bank results.
3. Blockchain - Change technology uses blockchain technology to provide maximum privacy and security for its users.


The Mobile Change application begins with the e-Know-Your-Customer (KYC) platform. It can be used anywhere in the world, in no time and only requested the necessary information.
Change will automatically validate user transactions with other third-party service providers through KYC sharing Tokenization. Our quest
for unlimited financing begins here, designing a modern global bank from day one.

Crypto wallets, engineered to break the norm and give users control over their crypto currency in the most intuitive and easy way.
The Change application facilitates the storage of all major crypts, easy crypto management, simple fund transfer between peers, and many other functions.

Every crypto investor faces the same problem: the opportunity to exchange digital coins for goods and services in our daily lives is very limited.
Buying with crypto currency should be as easy as buying with dollars, euros, or yen. Change Card is the card that solves this problem,
allowing users to spend crypto in millions of online and offline locations around the world.

Users will be rewarded for using the Change Card and other third-party services on the platform - online or offline -
directly receive a share of the re-transaction in the form of Change Coins, the redeemed crypto currency of Change Bank.

Being a fully digital bank allows Change to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional banks. A transparent and
comprehensive approach and cost: we do not charge our users to have accounts, transfer funds, or make payments.

Our vision goes beyond crypto for payment. It's time you can also use crypto to invest in stocks, P2P loans, real estate or anything else you can imagine.
It is time you can buy travel or car insurance directly with your Eth or take a loan at Bitcoin. We not only believe in decentralized data, but also in the strength of decentralized services.

Our vision for an all-in-one platform for financial services is not geographically bound by the border. Today's technologies and regulations
allow us to create a decentralized third-party market that brings you leading financial technology (FinTech). ANYONE can use the most appropriate service provided ANYWHERE.


Info Token

  •     Nama: CHANGE
  •     Simbol: CAG
  •     Harga Token: 1 ETH = 500 CAG
  •     Support Token:  ERC20
  •     Target Minimum: 50,000 ETH
  •     Target Maksimum: 200,000 ETH
  •     Minimum Investasi: 0.5 ETH

More Info

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=839568

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