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ZONTO Solutions application for ease of everything

Nowadays it's a bunch of blockcahin-based projects that everyone wants to get better by using a variety of ways to announce something different for everyone in our country and abroad
now with the onlen system of social media has become an option for everyone to promote the project. Social media lately increasingly widespread on the internet ranging from facebook, twitter, telegram and so forth. But the social media is only focused to talk without any reciprocity that get from the user. It is true that social media is used only to talk but there are also some people who use social media media like facebook to do business, but is it effective? Maybe yes, maybe not.Sometimes promoting our business in social media will only make people annoyed and disturbed until our social media account will be blocked by developers.
How not because the current social media is specific to the conversation alone so it is not suitable to be used as a business field. This problem of course must be overcome and Zonto is the solution.

What is Zonto?

Zonto is a social media as well as facebook and others but there is another side that distinguishes it with social media in general is social media is specially made for the business. Someone who owns a business will easily promote his business in zonto and more precisely, you will easily gain new knowledge. Because this is dedicated to a businessman then the gathering there are businessmen so you can easily get a new science here. Zonto, other than as a gathering sara people who have business, in zonto you can also find the right job because zonto equipped with features to find a job.

What are the Advantages of Following ICO?

There are several advantages that you will get when following this ICO start from

1. Will get a Token that can be traded in the exchanger market

2. Will get a relatively cheap token price or discount rather than when the price is entered in the exchanger free market. 

3. These tokens can be used for platforms they develop from previous explanations.

4. Can be used as a long-term investment tool because the token price will continue to change from year to year

 Use of Zonto Token

The use of social media zonto will be combined with tokens or coins in which the coins will be useful for various things such as to create groups, posts and others
as in apps will use zonto coins. The coins will provide security from spam bots.

Token Detail

  • Token Name: Token Zonto
  • Token Technology: Ethereum ERC20
  • Start ICO:: September 12, 2017
  • Final ICO: October 12, 2017
  • total token for sale: 2.000.000 Tokens
  • Token Price: $ 5/1 Token
  • Token Purchase Method: ETH, BTC

Token Distribution

   20% - Facebook
  20% - Twitter
  20% - Subscription on bitcointalk
  25% - Blogs and mass media
  15% - Translation and moderation on bitcointalk


  •     Alex Erdel - Co-founder
  •     Andre Ertel - Co-founder
  •     Konstantin Kosiakov - Co-founder
  •     Valery Ivanov - CIO
  •     Aleksey Podlegaev - DevOps Engineer
  •     Alina Vinogradova - Front-end developer
  •     Andrey Obihod - Full Stack Developer
  •     Ilya Andrienko - Android Developer
  •     Vladyslav Siedov - iOS Developer
  •     Stanislav Stepichev - UI/UX Designer
  •     Roman Zherebko - Back-end Developer
  •     Nikita Rudskoy - CMO
  •     Dmitry Kolomiets - Marketer
  •     Angelika Volska - Marketer, PR-manager
  •     Elena Ilina - UI/UX Designer
  •     Petr Gorchanuk - Back-end Developer
  •     Dmitry Dzubenko - Back-end Developer
  •     Vitaliy Belushenko - UI/UX Designer
  •     Konstantin Kostenko - Front-end developer
  •     Ilya Nikiforov - Lawyer

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