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Covesting - the first copy trading platform in the world

     we may know in this age of sekrang share a kind of science and technology is growing rapidly and In recent months, the very popular warm crypto world has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms. When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major roleThe demand for quality information about cardiac crypto has increased in recent months. Thirst for this kind of information can be attributed with the fact that people can never put their money directly into technology that has a lot of potential but is still growing.For example, tech enthusiasts in the 1990s may have foreseen the emergence of the Internet, but have no way to directly take stock in technology. The idea of ​​cryptographic implementation of data storage and transmission is still very new. And the fact that anyone can immediately buy the currency.One thing that is clear from our deep market analysis is that many newcomers to the crypto world lack the knowledge of how or where to start. As society's technology literacy improves, crypto acceptance as the legitimate warehouse follows. Title along the lines of: 'Bitcoin Soars Market Capitalization' and 'Secret of Crypto Millionaires'began to weaken public news feeds.What we know for sure is that people who were once skeptical of Bitcoin and the technology behind it gradually understood and became increasingly involved with crypto.We often find questions like:-What are cryptocurrencies?-I am interested in certain crypto-crypto. How and where can I buy it?-How and where do I start trading cryptocurrencies?

 Projects are now starting to emerge by bringing their product sharing to a new project COVESTING project that can provide convenience and solve all problems in the digital currency coin trading developed by experienced people in trading and Cryptocurrency
Okay you may have been curious about this project let's look deeper again what exactly this COVESTING I will explain in more detail

What is Covesting?

Covesting is a copy-trading platform built for investors and currency traders crypto. Covesting allows its users to search and compare the trading performance of hundreds of proven digital asset managers and copy traditions automatically.

While asset managers benefit from the additional revenue generated by profitable trades - Investors enjoy peace of mind knowing that their funds are managed by industry professionals. We automate digital asset management processes, bypassing trust and security issues while making transparent, simple and secure investments as they should.

 Background of COVESTING

COVESTING is led by a team of world-class experts with trading backgrounds, investment banking, blockchain, AI, data, and fintech (Saxo Bank, SEB Bank, JP Morgan, Zurich Insurance and others) with accumulated trading experience over 60 years.

Excess Covesting

With Covesting, every trader can actually build a successful asset manager career and gain instant access to the combined assets of all Covesting communities. The cutting-edge technology solution allows every merchant to link his / her existing account on the crypto market to the Covesting platform. Tracking performance from day one. No need to worry about how and where to get new investors again, just trade as before, and let the performance figures speak for themselves.

Like other social networks, Covesting offers its members a newsfeed, which allows them to receive updates from other merchants. Each trader can post relevant information, explain investment decisions, or share other types of knowledge with the Covesting community. By following a successful trader, our members can become more knowledgeable and generate better investments


Info Token

Token Name  : COV
Minimum Contribution : 0.1 ETH
The price of COV Tokens varies based on the amount collected
Total limit COV Token : 20,000,000 COV
Issuance of Next Token There is no evidence issued after the ICO
Hard hat 25.000 ETH

  • COV is ERC-20 token.
  • COV token supply is capped by 20M.
  • All unsold tokens will be burned.
  • Limited token supply results higher demand and value growth

 Info Team

  • Dmitrij Pruglo CEO & Founder
  • Tim Voronin COO & Co-Founder
  • Dinis Guarda Co-Founder
  • Kurt Carlsson
  • Peter Kristensen
  • Paul Hinrichsen
  • Ivan Klykov
  • Sergey Sevantsyan
  • Andrey Nenadov
  • Alex Strakh
  • Konstantin Zherebtsov
  • Max Sayganov
  • Philipp Kallerhoff
  • Alexander Perkins
  • Aleš Tomažin, Phd
  • Prof. Simon Choi
  • Mounir Fallah
  • Mike Bishop, JD

 More Info

ANN  :  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216847.0
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