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ZEUS-Waste Treatment for the First Mining in the World

ZEUS EcoCryptoMining
Along with the advancement of the times and the industrial economy causes a number of problems in the environment such as waste, pollution and others. It can not be denied though not as much as developed countries, many enormous developing countries contribute to environmental damage. With whom can this environment be preserved if we are not the initiators? To prevent environmental pollution by various industrial activities and human activities, it is necessary to control the environmental pollution.
Participating in the ZeusToken ico project is one of the best solutions to support and maintain a beautiful environment. ZEUS Eco Crypto Mining is not only mining cryptocurrency, but also hot selling, fertilizer and recyclable materials. This eliminates the unavoidable risks for ordinary mining crops. In addition can be preserved to maintain sustainability, this program can certainly be environmental economi that can be invested widely.

Businesses will also benefit from any investments made. While running a business project we can combine environmental aspects into one container within the ZeusToken project. The programs run within ZEUS EcoCryptoMining vary enormously, for example, the first implementation of a factory waste recycling project that also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world.
Funds accumulated in the ico period will be used in various ways as needed for project developments such as land purchase, construction structures for sewage plants and mining plants, components for assembly of mining personnel, equipment for waste treatment, packaging and loading equipment.
With a total power of 38.648.000 kwh / year is expected to generate revenue of 13k btc over a year and get a profit of approximately 53.000.000m euros. It's fantastic to participate and be part of that much profit. A good thing is to keep the environment while gaining profit in ZeusEcoCryptoMining.
A total of 50,300,000 ZEUS Tokens are available for sale. which will start on 01/10/2017.
- as many as 1,000,000 tokens are sold in presale at a price of 0.5 euros per 1 zeus token
- as many as 5,000,000 tokens are sold in the first week at a price of 0.7 euros
- as many as 10,000,000 tokens sold in the second week at a price of 0.8 euros
-a 15,000,000 tokens sold in the third week at a price of 0.85 euros
- as many as 19.3 million tokens sold in the last week at a price of 0.9 euros
In any project, whether in cryptocurrency or fiat, everyone is required to understand the potential benefits and disadvantages. Because each type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and good not the concept. Therefore, before taking a decision you should consider well the potential advantages and disadvantages. Big profits will come when we know exactly how big the progress of a project is running.
To invest, support, be a contributor and take part in the success of this project just go to their ico website at https://ico.zeus-token.io/ enter your email and create a complicated password then save it. Contributors can invest a good amount of money either ethereum or bitcoin.

The cost of leasing the mining capacity for users:

Capacity Renting price
per year (€)
The price of
capacities rent
for 2 years (€)
ETH 100 MH/S 1750 2000
DASH 500 MH/S 1450 1750
LTC 200 MH/S 1350 1850
BTC 14,000 GH/S 1500 1600
 The hashrate generated in this way will be sold to the user - the contract for capacity rental will be sold for Zeus Token at a 50% discount. 



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