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CAVIAR - Real Estate Investment and First Crowdfunding Platform on Blockchain

       Today there are many platforms present in the middle of our lives that offer a variety of interesting and useful features. This is due to the rapid development of Blockchain technology.
Indeed this technology is very interesting and sophisticated, and not in deny this technology is the future for us. Implementing Decentralized Projects that are embraced by the intelligent contracting system is amazing that many projects are now using the system gave birth to an ideal new crypto.
Speaking of crypto, as we know it now we have not seen a new Crypto that comes up with the idea to simplify other crypto access not just on a PC or lapop but in the simplest thing that is your smartpphone. now a new project in which one can invest using digital currency by purchasing Property real eastate product is also very amazing a new change in the CAVIAR project supported by blockchain technology to get information on real estate proportions
CAVIAR will provide the solution for you

What is caviar?

Caviar is the first to offer digital assets and real estate on a single cryptographic sign available in the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to provide markers with adjusted risk, portfolio diversification, data-driven exposure to both stable real estate and maximize return on investment while hedging against market slumps. Caviar becomes the cornerstone that will bring utilities to holders of caviar marks, enabling real estate developers to raise money for projects using crowdfunding mechanisms, while providing holders of caviar marks and funds underlying opportunities to participate in projects and earn interest.

Caviar seeks to reduce investment volatility ("beta") while capturing higher than average rate of return ("alpha"). Caviar will achieve this goal by combining investments in rapidly-strengthening crypto-assets with short-term income-generating loans, backed by real estate in the United States and other countries. By re-allocating funds between crypto and real estate markets, Caviar aims to provide income and growth through multiple market exposures in a single sign.


Why choose caviar?

We already know that the caviar is a real estate project that uses crowdfunding mechanisms. And Caviar Capital also provides short-term loans for the purpose of purchasing, repairing and selling single homes in the Northeastern United States.
Caviar seeks to capture higher rates of return ("alpha"), while providing a unique opportunity for crypto-investors to diversify their portfolios through real estate exposure. Caviar provides traditional investors reversed high returns in a diverse portfolio of digital currencies. Caviar has developed an exclusive Intelligent Predictive Model for crypto-assets and crypto price forecasting in both short and long-term projection spans, allowing for strong predictive power and more effective asset allocation. To ensure transparency, Caviar deploys CAView, a set of monitoring tools, which provides portfolio audit services and ensures honest and anonymous revenue sharing and distribution.
Caviar provides an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios beyond the crypto and token currencies through the exposure of funds to the low-risk real estate market. Cabiar is in a unique position to be able to shift ddana from the crypto market to real estate and vice versa to modify allocations, maximize profits and minimize risk. Caviar is a balanced business model for taking the approach to investing through a combination of rapidly growing crypto assets and stable revenue-earning real estate. This is a proven systematic method for achieving growth and revenue through multiple market exposures in a single token.

How is the sale of this caviar project product? maybe some people know about this and some do not know this project. Here are the sales provided by this project:
Caviar has developed an exclusive model, and is driven by multiple data and investment objectives to capture the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, while providing exposure to revenues earning US real estate. By contractual means of selling this real estate with the buyer. The rise of the blockchain market generates a number of funds investing in cryptocurrencies and assets. Some of these funds offer their investors a profit-sharing option and diversity pledge by keeping some of their assets in Bitcoins. However, in a very volatile crypto-market, monthly or quarterly profits are not guaranteed. Although Bitcoin is arguably the most stable and most liquid-crypto-currency present, it is still part of the same asset class and vulnerable to volatility.
  1. Quick access to capital for borrowers 
  2. High LTV
  3. Construction financing
Caviar Token
Caviar tokens are issued on smart contracts, using the ERC20 protocol on fully decentralized and auditable Ethereum blockchain. The quarterly revenue share is guaranteed by a fully auditable intelligent contract. The caviar tokens are symbolized by the CAV name. Each quarter, the ETH distribution will be made through smart contracts for all Caviar token holders, representing 75% of Caviar's quarterly earnings net after management and operational costs.
The caviar token does not have any rules, uses, goals, attributes, functions or features. Nor is it implied or explicit. Includes unlimited use of any kind, purpose, attribute, or function on the caviar platform. Having a Caviar token will be very profitable later. You can enjoy all the features that caviar has to offer and you can also trade your CAV token in the crypto market that accepts the purchase of CAV ttoken. This will benefit you. Regarding this CAV token supplied 375 million and is allocated in the following manner:
  1. Token Sale - 85%
  2. Company and Advisors - 12%
  3.  Bounties - 3%

Caviar Token sale

In developing this extraordinary project caviar provides an opportunity for investors to participate in building this project. Caviar will do crowdsale where caviar does it in two stages: pre-sale stage and ICO stage. Pre-sale stage takes place on December 1-7, 2017 and at this stage caviar has reached softcapnya. While for the ICO stage will be held on December 12, 2017 - January 31, 2018. The price of token 1 CAV = 0.1 $. The purchase of tokens can be done with bitcoin and ethereum. In ICO, caviar provides a bonus that is divided into several time periods. For more details as follows:
  • Days 1 to 3 – 15%
  •  Days 4 to 6 – 12.5%
  • Days 7 to 9 – 10%
  • Extended until Dec 31 – 7.5%
This is the last week to invest but do not be sad because you will receive a 7.5% bonus. And you also need not hesitate because this project has reached softcap by obtaining fund of $ 3,135,602 with 2896 contributor. This is a remarkable achievement and signifies that many people are interested in this project,
then what about you? Let's invest now in caviar. It's never too late to get better.
  •     Kirill Bensonoff - Serial entrepreneur with several multi-million dollar exits
  •     Guy Neumann - Real Estate Enterpreneur
  •     Alex Shvayetsky - Crypto trader and investor, entrepreneur
  •     David Drake - Chairman, LDJ Capital
  •     James Jamil - Executive Director of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
  •     Kairat Kalieyv - Founder of Cross Coin, successful ICO, Starta Capital
  •     David M. Wirth - Patent holding inventor, engineer and miner
  •     Benjamin Finch - Marketing strategist
  •     Ihor Pidruchny - Blockchain technologist
  •     Kathy Berardi - PR strategist with a 15 year track record
  •     Ivan Labrie - Trading Strategy, TradingView top trader
  •     James Sowers - Founder Crypto Specialist LLC, Mentor @ Alchemist Accelerator
  •     Mikhail Savchenko - CTO at Chronobank.io
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