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CREDITS-The latest generation in blockchain technology

    if you are a person who wants to progress from everything we can see with very rapid progress and very many changes in the world especially in business ventures and advanced transportation we can not be separated from the changing times that can provide convenience for everyone
there is a project that may be useful to you which project is called CREDITS.

CREDITS is basically a project that can be said introduced about the latest generation in the world of blockchain that has the ability to change the world for the better in various services

let's see more clearly about this CREDITS project

What is CREDITS?

This software is developed by the CREDITS team including the development of a common DLT block as well as decentralized decentralization, for smart contracts that actually execute themselves and CREDIT CREDIT. Due to the deep user requirements analysis, we have upgraded a unique and balanced system to reach high processing speed operations - up to one million operations per second and average transaction processing time of 0, 1 to 3 seconds. The CREDIT base could revolutionize the world using a decentralized blockchain technology.

CREDITS offers new and unique technical applications from blockchain technology, smart contracts, data protocols and has its own crypto. This is a basis with the strength of technical network even though new, speed, transaction cost and the number of operations per second. This is a meaningful open base if users and companies can create on-line services that apply the blockchain protocol.
We offer new product for user. We create new features by creating new algorithms to seek consensus; new registry scheme; an algorithm for processing and maintaining a transaction-based exit for a limited state machine based on the type of Federal voting nod. The CREDITS base offers an outlet for low speed and high transaction costs. This expands the technological blockchain possible for the financial industry as well as Internet Things.
A unique system based on a block chain is very possible for you to make high-speed transaction processing financial services, up to 100 million times per second, average transaction processing speed in 3 seconds. CREDIT really offers new opportunities to use block-chain technology in finance.

Main Principles of the Credits Platform
The CREDITS base has its own unique feature created based on the principle of blockchain technology: a general decentralized storage / storage system, there are stand-alone nodes, consensus types, internal cryptographic CREDITS, and so on. But platforn does not have a block system like Bitcoin and Ethereal.

What's Differentiating with Other Platforms? 
Almost all. We've upgraded the architecture of such a great booklet, a new consensus protocol, a new cutting-edge smart contract, traffic savings, transfer transactions and more. It is quite possible that the project reaches the level of ability that can not be achieved by different bases: our transaction speed is low as 0, 1 second and the number of operations is around more than 1 million operations per second with low transaction cost. 

Will Creating Financial Products?
The CREDITS team will also actively improve, maintain, and promote the base. Accorginly, this team is committed to improving the number of users and helping new apps. The CREDITS team will not raise the product independently for end users, such as P2P applications, on-line debt, funding, and so on. The team's main work is to create and encourage CREDIT bases to service most industries and applications, including the financial industry. 

Features Credits 

7 Features Credits that you should know of them:

Stay on Blockchain  

Paltform CREDITS will remain in a blockchain technology environment. Where blockchain is one of the cutting edge in the digital industry today. So, this platform will still use the basic technology of blockchain.

Secured Listed Transactions

Every time a transaction occurs, it will automatically make this platform record everything that goes. Thus, the transaction can be traced properly. Data will be stored securely in the existing system.

  Provide Block Facilities

 Each user will get Block facility. This means that later all the transactions can be added in the block, and found a new algorithm on each consensus update.


This can be said of an election of its CREDITS platform.So in the decision making will be a consensus.   

A Smart Contract

 A smart contract will support the ongoing CREDITS platform. With the support of this smart contract will eventually encourage a very safe, fast, cheap and affordable ecosystem that can reach all of its users.

Scalability Level

With the widespread use of the CREDITS platform, it will have a high degree of scalability. This is a result of the functioning of the CREDITS platform.

CREDITS Token (Token CS)

CREDITS teams have issued a token that will circulate in the ecosystem. They call this CS.Token token has been issued in the number that has been set. So users can not generate a CS token from bitcoin-like mining.  

Well-suited to serve a wide range of applications (e.g. financial industry, gaming, gambling, IoT, payments, and many more)

Info Token 

    The Pre-ICO finished on Dec 26th 2017
    3,002,165 USD (4,029.12 ETH) raised

   1100 payments from 700 contributors
   View smart contracts for ERC-20 CS tokens on Etherscan. 

 The total number of issued tokens 1 000 000 000. The tokens     exchange rate is 1 ETH = 5000 CS (CREDITS) 

 Info Team


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