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e- Chat - Blockchain-based secure messengers and social networking

along with a very fast growing technology in the community. Mengirin short message with electronic media has become familiar to us today. Today, major global challenges with all delegates are controlled by a centralized media. Social communication has also been presented in such a way in which most companies that have delegates have total control of your data.

For that to be presented a solution to this global challenge is decentralization. By building an independent data distribution system, we create real opportunities to communicate freely with each other. Closing one or more servers should not affect the entire system. Even if the entire country or continent is offline, your favorite messenger should continue to work, for that also now has a project that can solve your problem that is e-Chat project.

what is e-Chat

e-Chat is a Blockchain-based secure messenger and social networking with the fastest growth. A world's first multitask messanger built with decentralized technology. The beta version is available for download and tested on the App Store and Google Play now. Of course, we expect some possible imperfections in the current system at the moment, all of which will be discussed in the future.

How does it work ?

e-Chat works where all communication between users can only be stored on the user's device. In addition, for convenient synchronization with desktop application versions, user correspondence can be stored on the server in an encrypted form and access to this information is only possible by providing a private key on the official device. In this case, an easy-to-use key verification tool for ending encryption is used. Furthermore, notifications inform you of unreliable connections, unconfirmed authorization attempts, and encryption intercept available.


Not only that, e-Chat also works where when you send messages from one user to another user, you connect via P2P connection. If instant access to data is not required, all information is saved to IPFS-based decentralized storage network (DSN). Thus, all user data remains protected from any interruption.

security from e-Chat

For the security of sent messages and users, following our principle of the Proof of Storage algorithm, there is a place for storing distributed information to keep it secure. E-Chat users can set the time for storing messages independently. To secure the operation of blockchain, e-Chat stores «URL» messages or files directly to IPFS.



e-Chat comes with some excellent services, in order to provide convenience and benefit for anyone who join in it. Are as follows :

  1.  Integrated payment system for non-contact NFC payments and QR
  2.  Money transfer and crypto emergency in private messages, converting all into cryptocurrencies.
  3. Voice, video, chat and channel calls
  4. Discrete individual / group chats with 100% privacy.
  5. Stream with photo and video content
  6. Security includes end-to-end encryption, fingerprint input, face recognition, and private key storage for crypto wallet
  7. Paid channels for bloggers and publishers.
  8. Change appearances for online video calls and broadcasts based on artificial neural networks.
  9. Stream to news feed.

Token ECHT

e-Chat comes in the form of a digital currency named ECHT token. ECHT Token itself will go on sale on January 8, 2018 to February 15, 2018. Currently the admin does not yet know how many ECHT tokens provided by the team and the developer, but 1 ECHT clearly equivalent to 1 USD. The purchase of the ECHT token itself can be done with foreign digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and there will be a bonus purchase of tokens of 10% up to 30% at certain time periods.

This ECHT Token will also become the identity of this project and may be owned, traded or exchanged for other digital currencies in predetermined markets. In addition, this ECHT token will be implemented on public bladechain ethereum as the ERC20 token of the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is the latest industry standard for digital asset emissions and smart contracts. The ERC20 token interface allows you to use standard tokens that are compatible with existing Ethereum ecosystem infrastructure, including development tools, wallets, and exchangers. Ability to implement smart contracts with Ethereum without a mediator supporting the implementation of complex crypto-guration publishing, financial dealings, and automatic incentive structures. This ecosystem is ideal for e-Chat and multicurrency wallets, allowing you to transact using ECHT tokens, as well as the most popular cryptoes - ETH, BTC, LTC, ZCH, etc. An additional benefit is the minimum commission between the other person, all with a single click.

Info team

VINCENT VEISMAN - CFO, Israel Regional Manager
MISHIMA SATOSHI - Japan General Manager
ALEX VINCENTE - Business Development Manager, Canada Regional Manager
AUDREY FREIBURGHAUS - Blockchain Marketing Manager, Switzerland Regional Manager
LANKE FUNG - Project Manager, China Region
TOM BUDD - Marketing strategist
TEMORE AZIZ - Business Development Manager

S.SRIDHAR - Financial Adviser

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