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GATCOIN-Blockchain's latest blockchain-based digital currency for marketing

    As we know that with the development of Blockchain Etherum technology so many new coins or currency popping. The presence of new finances we can feel not a lot or months but we feel every day. Therefore, at this moment I will share agan-agan about new coin that is Gatcoin.
Gatcoin is a new crypto token that will be launched on Etheral's main network as part of a larger enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants can publish their own brand digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other promotional offers (Merchant Tokens) . GAT will allow merchants to publish Merchant Tokens to mass consumer audiences with minimal settings, enabling them to quickly apply token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy.
GATCoin will be the exclusive exchange currency for Trader Token trades at the GAT Exchange. Consumers may use their GATCoin to obtain a Merchant Token or may convert their Merchant Token to GATCoin on GAT Exchange. In essence, the GAT System is a corporate solution for global merchants to publish their own digital token to mass consumer audiences for use as discounts, gift cards, and other promotional offers. The project seeks to create a controlled environment for companies to use digital tokens, thereby reducing traditional barriers to blockchain adoption faced by mainstream companies seeking to capitalize on blockchain innovation.

The technical component of the Gatcoin system, among others:


GAT Network
A high-speed global blockcain of outstanding retail token and A-DropTM to customers anywhere in the world with a high-speed private consortium network where Merchant Tokens is distributed

Beautifully designed Mobile Wallet that customers use to manage and spend their retail tokens.
GAT Market
An online marketplace from a participating merchant store where Merchant Tokens can be used for products and services with mobile shopping portals where customers can purchase retail tokens for real products     
GAT Exchange
A fully featured crypto exchange where retail tokens are traded publicly for GAT Coins, and GAT Coins are traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major crypto currencies.
Basic GAT
An independent non-profit organization based in Singapore

Merchant Token Type

Merchant Tokens may be issued to replace traditional discount coupons, gift vouchers, prepaid cash cards, and loyalty points. The types of trade tokens as follows:
  • Cash Token: used as prepaid money to purchase products and services
  • Discount Token: used as a discount to subsidize the regular cash prices of products and services
  • Token Loyalty: used to replace loyalty points to redeem rewards 
  •   Gift Token: Used as gift vouchers to send to friends and family   
  •  Token Travel: used as a portable currency to spend globally in network merchant stores  

Excess GATcoin

The advantages of this platform which is the different factor among others
  • Global Platform: Our network is open to all merchants anywhere in the world. This provides a significant range of GATCOIN and global business platforms
  • Proprietary A-DropTM: A patent pending crypto distribution system that targets audiences based on demographics, shopping interests and geographic location. Push notifications flag a receipt customer in seconds. A-DropTM brings out unprecedented innovation and creativity in retail digital marketing  
  • Tradable Tokens: Trader tokens can be traded for GAT Coins that provide intrinsic value directly to customers. The merchant token will always be valuable to the consumer, no matter who publishes it, and whether the consumer is using it or not  
  •  Strong Businesses: GATCOIN conducts business, and will launch retail tokens that include a network of 60,000+ retail stores and 21 brands in Asia through COTOCO coupon and coupon vouchers from Japan's Planet Dec. That's just the beginning 

Token GATcoin

GATcoin uses Blockchain Etherum technology that is GAT tokens. GAT token sales will start on October 28, 2017. at a price of 1GAT = 0.2 $. total targeted tokens supply is GAT.


 Info  Team

Team Member

PROF. WEI-TEK TSAI - Senior Executive Advisor, GATCOIN
ANTHONY HUANG - Co-Founder & Chairman, GATCOIN
JAMES KONG - Senior Dev Advisor, GATCOIN
GARY LING - Founding Dev Engineer, GATCOIN
KARANDEEP SINGH - Founding Dev Engineer, GATCOIN
KEYNE CHU - Retail Client Manager, GATCOIN
CHRIS TONG - Digital Marketing Manager, GATCOIN
KENJI WONG - Product & Graphic Designer, GATCOIN
SARAH BERBERICH - Founding Web Developer, GATCOIN

 Team Advisor


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