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Jincor is a healthy, secure, obedient and windy company



What is jincor?

Jincor is a healthy, secure, obedient and windy company to use the platform, enabling businesses to work with smart contracts and easy cryptocurrency payments without legal, technical or operational complications and with cost efficient.

This will let the company use all the benefits of blockchain-based technology without having to develop and implement it on its own. With Jincor, managers and employees will be able to transact cryptococcal transactions and comply with all compliance requirements, and conduct corporate relationships by creating smart contracts, which will be written to a personal blockchain based on Hyperledger technology.
Overall, our goal is to build a personal blockchain and platform that will allow even iPad users aged 5-year-old smart enough to register in the Jincor ecosystem, start smart contracts and pay for suppliers And that's all in a very user-friendly, compliant and legal. In our opinion, this will lead to a change in the overall model of corporate interaction, which will eliminate injustice, lack of business commitment, human error factors and make business (including small ones) from around the world closer to blockchain technology and vice versa

Why Should Jincor?

The contract is valid as soon as both parties sign it with an electronic signature and require certain elements to be run automatically. For example, the first-order requirement is the existence of the cryptococcal account of those involved. In other words, executable code must have unhindered access to smart contract objects. In addition, all conditions of intelligent contracts must be explained mathematically and have a clear logic of execution, and this is the reason why Jincor's first smart contract will be based on the simplest corporate relationships, involving only a few elements. Given that the code has full access to the deal object, its implementation and compliance will be handled automatically by taking into account the fulfillment of the conditions of an intelligent contract. In short, smart contracts automate contractual business relationships and deliver their total performance.
First (Q4 2018), the Jincor team will make a smart contract for the following apps:
  • - Regular payments.
  • - Partner program.
  • - Signed the transaction.
  • - Business-to-business trading

Although smart contracts are run in a decentralized environment that eliminates human factors, it is important to realize that there are many cases that may require external interference, regardless of the explicit intelligent contact. For this reason we have developed a decentralized arbitration system that aims to resolve disputes arising from intelligent contract executions.

 The value of the JCR token

The key to future growth of the JCR token value is the constant growth of limited demand and supply: we publish 35,000,000 JCR tokens at once and we do not plan to issue additional tokens in the future. At the same time, the need for a JCR token will continue to increase, as it is used as a means of payment for the most important (and most necessary) platform features. The approximate possible JCR token price dependence of the total number of participating companies on the platform can be found in figure 8. Moderate earnings forecasts for the Jincor platform based on business demand will be the trend of cryptographic payment solutions and the speed of smart contract deployment.
In calculating the equilibrium price of the JCR token the data are used as follows:
- Company within 2 years from now: 20,000
- Average number of staff: 150
- average requirement of one company in JCR token: $ 750
- JCR token cycle: 3 months
- Request for JCR token in active trade: 25% (Based on ET statistics, for more Etherscan statistics visit).


The equilibrium price is the price of a commodity in which the quantity the buyer wants to buy equals the amount the seller wants to sell. Thus, the projected equilibrium price of the JCR token may be:
There is a valid calculation for the data in 4 years from now. The possible price of the JCR token equilibrium may be: $ 12.86.






Join to build the platform for genuinely simple smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business.

 More info 

website : https://jincor.com/
bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2206571.0
twitter : https://twitter.com/jincor_ico
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jincorlimited/

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