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Titanium-Provision of Service Infrastructure


Starting from the occurrence of the idea of an equally related network in th. 1960s, very few are turning about the Internet infrastructure. For a moment now the internet has more interconnected servers, residential computers, and most of all, users, the framework of functional technology does not start switching since it was first thought by computing pioneers of the '60s and 70s. Certainly, server technology has increased since the first networking of ARPANET, but the basic infrastructure did not switch - but based on large data centers and controlled by large companies that have their own needs; this need is not yet yours

In th. 1999, the invention of virtualization software allowed for the creation of virtual machines (VMs) on the server has a high. These rescued companies are billions of dollars around the world and it is quite possible that the rapid development of the webhosting industry because several hundred lowway websites can be hosted in such a small amount of rack space as "server" can be realized with the touch of a button. But, even in this condition, the number of unbalanced abilities is placed in the hands of relatively few companies. Even now, up to 70% of internet roads through server farms are concentrated in Northern Virginia and operated by one company. 1 For a moment the status quo works, this is far from the decent decentralized and decent democratic internet our technological forefathers dream of and which one is now a chance. Welcome to the new world gained from Titanium Infrastructure Services (TBIS); We are the Revolution.

First-to-market titanium, about the provision of Service Infrastructure (IaaS) and Service Base (PaaS) base on blockchain, our core competence. Decentralized resources will also be very likely that Titanium will cost at least 50% less than our competitors. Because of its decentralized nature, Titanium will promise to wait for customers 99, 99% for all services, apps, tools, and so on. Cloud-based and cloud-based Diaa usage, as well as therefore vulnerable to outages, decreased capabilities, and common hacker attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

What is Titanium

Titanium is the sister company of EHI, the first technology company built by our Founder and CEO, who has been in business for nearly two decades and can provide a warm handoff from Fortune 500 clients, Education and Government on Titanium. The Titanium Core Team has more than two hundred (200) years. experience, and is seen to be in the highest 1% of technology semasing. Titanium is the first start-up blockchain to achieve Dun and Bradstreet (D & B) accreditation as well as Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The mission of Titanium

Our mission is to use blockchain capabilities that do not switch to provide virtual infrastructure services for businesses and individuals, making assurance of reliability that Titanium once possessed impossible.
Our team is so confident in the ability to disrupt the blockchain. Global business and finance are being shifted and disrupted by blockchain technology. TBIS has completed experiments that show if it is possible to make the whole system infrastructure in distributed systems and too much. Think of a world where businesses will not need to have network cabinets filled with expensive and temperamental equipment that quickly become obsolete, require gentle maintenance and reduce productivity through down time or common digital problems. All of the decomposing equipment with yellowed casing can be exchanged for digital titanium with cost of achievement and maintenance of hardware infrastructure, while improving the time and reliability and reducing maintenance. TBIS Infrastructure Service (IaaS) is a strong base and fits the time needed to deliver new productivity for companies and individuals across the world by providing end-to-end internet infrastructure.

Base so Service (PaaS)

With Titanium So Service Base (PaaS) you have access to the world of decentralized enterprise applications, distributed applications (dApps) and many more, all there as necessary. You only pay for the resources you need and they are definitely sent over your secure internet connection in a decentralized development / deployment environment in detail.
PaaS provides various types of infrastructure assets over the storage, servers and networking hardware that IaaS offers. Middleware, database management systems, business intelligence (BI) services, comprehensive development tools and many more are added to the side of PaaS. All application life cycles from coding as well as testing to application and management are supported and surely you will also work with the most recent versions because all are updated regularly.
The beauty of PaaS Titanium is that you can concentrate on managing apps and services as your most important concentration as well as delivering other things to us. It is not long before you have to worry about buying or managing software licenses, middleware, development tools or application infrastructure.

Token Mechanics and Sale Details

As part of this sale, a fixed pool of BAR will generated. No further BAR will be created in the future. BAR will be a deflationary currency used within the Titanium Ecosystem,Limited to only 35 million BAR during token sale with a 60M total supply, just like Bitcoin is limited to 21 million Bitcoins. If any BARs are not sold at the end of the ICO period, they will be BURNED. Once the sale concludes, a portion of BAR tokens will be allocated and given to the Titanium team as an incentive for the success of our platform, and a separate portion will be held as a reserve pool and expenditure fund. The Titanium Community will hold 60% of all BAR, the Titanium team will hold 20% of BAR (subject to a freeze period), 10% of BAR will be retained to be used for Titanium Community Bounties and 10% of BAR will be allocated for the reserve pool.


RICHARD SILVER - COO/Director of Marketing
VINCENT FULLERTON - Technical Advisor (Pura Core Team & NEM Developer)
STUART SIEGLER - Ethereum Developer and Enterprise Automation Expert
JAMES CONNOLLY - Ethereum Developer
JESSE URE - Ethereum Developer
RITCHEY MULHOLLEM - Ethereum Developer
NILO AMPUNAN - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
RICHARD WHITAKER - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
JASON MCBRIDE - Senior Systems Engineer
ERAN JENKINS - Network Administrator
DAVID ROWLEY - Storage Management Expert
ARTEM CHUPAKHIN - Marketing Director, Russia
RYAN BRYDON - Marketing Director, Australia
DANIEL TEICH - Chief Design Officer, Germany
JASON BRINK - Graphic Designer | Technical Writer
DAWID BRZEZINSKI - Community Manager
DARIUSZ BANIEL - Community Manager
JOE BUCCINI - Technical Advisor
ELLIOT KERMANI - Legal Adviser

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