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Bob 'Repair-The latest innovation for ease of transaction in the crypto world

There are times when we want to make our dwellings better and more comfortable by renovating, for example that by appointing a contractor's services to build or renovate a residence there is a need for a strategy or strategy to avoid work owners from unnecessary losses and wastes. In some cases, however, there is fraud in unusual service, which affects the price associated with the cost and the use of the material therefore in such uncommon circumstances it is better to seek advice from an experienced contractor. So you do not need to worry anymore now there is a great solution for bridge repair services between owners and repair contractors.

What is Bob's Repair

Bob's Repair founders successfully operated an automated SMS platform that connects consumers directly with contractors, generating revenues of more than $ 1,000,000 and facilitating over 50,000 call services. Despite these successes, the founders realized that their SMS platform could not solve three major problems faced by consumers and contractors in the skilled trading industry. The three main problems are:
  1. Review cheats  
  2.  Advertising costs
  3.  Price transparency

To address review scams, advertising costs and price transparency, Bob's Repair will build Bob Apps on Blockchain STEEM. Bob's app will consist of powerful iOS, Android and web apps.
Then, when both sides of the transaction-the customer and the contractor-leave the review, Bob's Repair will link the review with the actual financial transaction. By linking reviews with actual financial transactions, consumers can trust that the reviews are real and do not change. A real review of real consumers, providing better information so that consumers can make better decisions.
Bob's app will not have ads from contractors. As a result, the contractor will not continue advertising costs to consumers. The contractor can not buy visibility on Bob's Repair through advertising. In contrast, due to the upvoting function, sluggish post, and user reputation on STEEM blockchain visibility is governed by achievement. For example, if the contractor has more verifiable positive reviews, then the contractor will have a more significant presence. The structure will eliminate hidden advertising costs.

Bob's app will have a transparent price. Each review will provide a service fee that is broken down into material and labor costs. Consumers will be able to easily find reviews to find out the actual materials and labor costs for a particular service. This transparency will lower prices and cope with rising costs.
Bob's Repair is a new breakthrough or innovation in the crypto world that allows Bob Repair to be used to eliminate cheating reviews with trusted transactions between homeowners and contractors. We utilize Blockchain to enable reliable transactions between homeowners and repair contractors. If you are curious and interested in this project, please visit  website http://bobsrepair.com
Bob's Repair goal is to completely eliminate cheating and intermediaries in the industry, bringing all consumers immediate and low prices, transparency and peace of mind when looking for contractors.
Smart Contract
Bob's improvements will take advantage of smart contracts to withhold payment on escrow and remove it when the milestone is completed.
Trust Blockchain
Bob's improvement is to build a Trusted Transaction Network where customers can set milestones with contractors and release funds after completing each stage of the project.
Transparent Price
The lack of transparency in pricing leads to higher consumer prices. Bob's Repair will allow customers to see how many contractors have previously charged for similar work, making the price transparent.
There are no advertising costs
Competitors charge advertising costs to contractors. The contractor issues this fee to the consumer. Bob's Repair will not charge advertising fees, which will lower consumer prices and better margins for contractors.

STEEM Blockchain

Bob's Repair will use STEEM Blockchain because of three times the transaction both, no transaction costs, ability to upvote, flag posts, and build user reputation. 

Sales Details of Bob's Token Repair "BOB"

Bob's Repair will raise funds by issuing an ERC20 token called BOB Tokens. This is to spread awareness and refine Bob Applications. BOB Token issuance as security in accordance with SEC regulations. To ensure regulatory compliance, Bob's repair has consulted with the SEC and international finance
There are two rounds of Pre-ICO and ICO, After the second round is complete, BOB Token will be published on the main network of Ethereum.


 Info Team


  • Frideric Prandecki - Co-Founder, CEO
  • Alexandre Prandecki - Co-Founder, COO
  • Todd Conley - Co-Founder, CTO
  • Evgeniy Tatarchuk - Senior Developer
  • Pavel Rubin - Blockchain & Software Developer
  • Dr. Christina Czeschik - Market Growth Analyst and Strategy Consultant
  • Inventus Law - The Global Technology Law Firm
  • Alain Schoovers - Senior Front-End Developer
  • Anna Turina - Social Media & Communication Manager


  • John McAfee
  • Vitaly Pecharsky
  • Monty Lapica
  • Greg Buchan
  • Early Boykins
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