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PayPro is a decentralized bank for service

Speaking of Bitcoin that stands out as a contrast to the current pyramid installment setting, it shocks everyone in the industry by promising another decentralized installment. This is known as the second web uprising. However, Blockchain has long been found.

What is PayPro?

PayPro is a decentralized bank created to handle new eco systems where the value is represented in a new form thanks to Smart Contracts. Thus, PayPro is a decentralized financial market where every dApp can post its services. We also developed a Wallet where users can store it
Crypto-currency and token ERC-20.

After we collect PayPro, clients will be fit to get rid of ETTH, BTC or GAS, for example, and utilize a commercial center to incorporate resources into the crowdfunding stage, for example. In addition, offers earned from interest in these token types will also be removed in PayPro. Therefore, all individual crypto and liability sources will be invited to talk on PayPro


PayPro Market will be built as a decentralized app, also known as dApp. According to David Jonhston, a dApp must meet several criteria to be considered as follows:

1. Applications must be developed open-source, must operate autonomously and the majority of tokens can not be controlled by an entity. Also, proposed improvements and market feedback may occur
Adapted in protocol.
2. To access the application and to reward contributions from miners or contributors, a cryptographic token is required.
3. Token must be generated as proof of value generated on application.
4. Decentralized blockchain should be used to store data and records
operation to avoid the point of failure center.



Using Ethereum will allow users to keep at least 100 of the most used currencies with volume of transactions per day. Develop an iOS app that allows to store BTC, but this is just proof of concept created for the purpose of the user.

You can download it in AppStore here:


How Does PayPro Work?

  • Review
Please, review our white paper and understand the investment requirements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Whitelist
In order to join our ICO, it is mandatory for us to fill out your know-the-customer form.
Submit your ETH from your MyEtherWallet, not an exchange. After the campaign is closed, we will send your token.
  • Future
In the future where Intelligent Contracts will be used for many of our daily activities, such as using decentralized computer power, trading or insuring cars, we believe that banking will also be decentralized.
Consequently, if our market succeeds in collecting universal crypto wallets and financial markets in the same place, we will create the first decentralized application of the first bank where users can store and manage all their crypto assets, ranging from currency storage, loans or investments.
  • Purse
PayPro will receive most crypto-currency forms. Using Ethereum will allow users to do so


PayPro Token (PYP) will be the main currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions in the market. The main purpose of PYP is that they will be used for political rights and usage

Tokens are offered through ICO 40% (Blue)

The funds raised will be used to finance platform development over the next 4 years.

Reserve sustainability - 20% (Dark Blue)

Sustainability reserves, which are currently under community communities
supervision, will be held by PayPro to achieve financial sustainability in Indonesia
the future through the distribution of total shopping and network market

Community, R & D & bounties - 5% (Green)

To provide incentives to communities, as well as brand evangelism, we plan
community awards, academic research and the gift of bugs in the future
4 years.

Initial investor, current & future advisor, partnership - 15% (Purple)

Provide liquidity to early investors & supporters, as well as for the future
partnerships and strategic advisors, we will allocate 15% of total tokens
offered. Initial investors, current & future advisors, and future partnerships will do so
has a token allocation of 10%.

Training package for founders, teams & future employee candidates - 20% (Red)

We believe that a company is just as strong as its team. Because it's all smooth
& future team members will receive a package of motivation
token vested All of these will be held in accordance with the employee /

 PAYPRO BOUNTY CAMPAIGN : 1,100,000 PYP (2200 ETH)  to be divided according to the stakes accumulated.

Bounty campaign includes 8 categories:
1. Artwork campaign : 6% (66,000 PYP)
2. Video campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
3. Twitter campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
4. Facebook campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
5. Telegram campaign : 5% (55,000 PYP)
6. Articles campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
7. Translations and moderation campaign : 15% (165,000 PYP)
8. Signature campaign : 22% (242,000)

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